Industry Inside: Pest Control in the Food & Beverage Industry

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People have a right to expect that the food and beverages they buy have not been contaminated by pests. Pests of all types need to have sustenance to survive, and when they chance upon a food and beverage outlet, they are not going to give up that land of plenty without a fight.

The Law in Singapore

The National Environment Agency (NEA) regulates the food retail standard industry in Singapore and requires all food retail establishments to be licensed in order to operate. A condition of obtaining this license is to have a ‘pest control contract covering the control of rodents, cockroaches and flies during the year-long licensing period. The inspection frequency of the food shop premises covered in the contract shall be at least once a month to detect any sign of pest infestation.’

Pro Tip: Regularly inspect your facility and monitor any signs of pest infestations.

Why Is Pest Control Important in Food and Beverage Outlets?

Food safety is essential. Pests can bring disease with them, and the last thing you need is to have food infested by pests.

It cannot be sold and if it is and makes people sick, it will cause serious problems for your business in terms of loss of reputation.

If the pests get to the point of infestation, it could mean that you have to close down the business while you are having the problem taken care of by pest control specialists.

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What Is Good Housekeeping?

In any food and beverage establishment, there is always a chance for spills to occur. When those spills, large or small, are not cared for properly and cleaned up, it acts as an invitation to all manner of pests. They will find a way into the facility in a range of ways. They can get through vents, cracks, holes, and areas that you would never even notice.

By ensuring a very clean facility, it helps to reduce the risk of pests substantially.

This does not mean that they will never find their way into the facility. It can and does happen. When this occurs, you will want to contact professional pest control services to help you with your pest problem.

One of the ways that professionals can help is by looking for the various routes that the pests are using to get into the building. They can “close off” those areas to make a recurring infestation less likely.

DIY Pest Control Methods for Food and Beverage Establishment

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What Types of Pests Are Commonly Found in Food and Beverage Outlets?

Many types of pests like to get food in food and beverage outlets. Whether it is a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, a grocery store, or an eatery, pests such as flies, ants, roaches, and rodents can be present.

They smell the food and they want to have access to free meals.

Even birds have the potential to become a problem in these types of outlets, and they can cause some serious damage to the building, as well as the food. It is even possible for them to spread illness, like so many of the other pests out there.

You never want to take chances when it comes to keeping food and beverages safe. If you have a pest problem, get in touch with the professionals as soon as you can. Even if you do not have a noticeable problem, do not forget, that you still need to have regular pest control as required by NEA.

The 6 types of pests common in food facilities are:

  • Mice and rats
  • Cockroaches
  • Birds
  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Spiders

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Problems Caused by Pests in Food and Beverage Facilities

You are running a successful business, but one day you need to close down because of a huge pest infestation. Often, businesses take action too late. When you notice the presence of a pest, contact a pest control company immediately.

The importance of pest control in food businesses cannot be underestimated. Food businesses need to remain alert to any sign of the presence of ants, mice, cockroaches, flies and other pests. These pests are all attracted to food, so make sure to throw out the trash frequently, clean all areas when there is time, seal and store any food you are not using. This can help prevent two of the main problems caused by pests:

  • An extension of their uninvited stay
  • An expansion of the pest
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How Can Killem Pest Help Your Food Business?

We are trained and certified to help the F&B industry, including restaurants, bars and cafes. Killem Pest is a known company in various malls across Singapore, and we have helped many businesses remain open or re-open by handling their pest control problem. We also provide recommendations for keeping your premises free from pests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Poor pest control in the food and beverage industry can lead to product loss and business failure, poor customer satisfaction, and health risks related to diseases that pests can cause.

The food and beverages industry is exposed to various types of pests including cockroaches, flies, rodents, ants, beetles, bugs, and others.

To prevent pest infestations in food and beverages, maintain all your areas clean and regularly dispose of the garbage, store products in safe and enclosed containers, and perform routine inspections.