In 25 years of operations, more than 10,000 sites have been treated with ZERO instances of Stop Work Orders (SWO) or Court Prosecutions for mosquito activity.

Pest Control in Building and Construction Sites

Building and construction sites provide conducive environments for breeding of pests. During construction, the use of excavators creates movement in soil, disturbing and forcing existing pests like rodents and snakes to emerge and look for new homes.

Engaging a reliable pest control company like Killem Pest can help with not only controlling pest infestations but also attaining advice and feedback on the type of building materials to use and locations to store equipment and materials that least attract pests.

The regulations in Singapore require the soil at construction sites to be treated with termiticides before commencing any construction work. This is to stop any future subterranean termite infestations. As Singapore has a humid climate and moist soil, subterranean termites thrive, but as a result, also cause millions of dollars of damage.

Workers on the construction site
Construction Building Site
Construction worker in action

Pests such as mosquitoes require little to thrive and can breed in small puddles or trenches in the ground. Moreover, equipment and materials such as plastic sheets and containers used during construction can also be sources of stagnant water where mosquitoes can breed. If not controlled as per NEA Guidelines, they can spread diseases such as dengue fever and the zika virus among workers and the general public.

Killem Pest has treated numerous large construction sites as a sub-contractor of leading construction companies such as Hyundai, Shimizu, Far East Construction and China Construction.

In 25 years of operations, sites under our care have never been issued with a Stop Work Order (SWO) or been prosecuted in Court for poor maintenance, favourable for mosquito breeding and / or breeding mosquitoes.