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Midges Removal Services from Killem

Midges are found in stagnant or slow-flowing waters such as drains, ponds, lakes and water reservoirs. The female midges can lay up to 3000 eggs. After 2 to 3 days, the eggs sink to the bottom of the water where they hatch into larvae.

After 2 weeks of larval development, the midges spend 3 more days in the pupal stage before they become adults. Adult midges spend the only 2 days of their lives mating and continuing the family line. Exactly this is the danger. Midges have a high reproductive capacity. They can lay tons of eggs, which in turn can reproduce, in a very short time.

Singapore offers favourable climate conditions during certain times of the year, usually from August to October.

Two types of midges

There are two main groups: biting midges and non-biting midges. Biting midges are commonly known as sand flies. Adult biting midges feed on blood so they leave painful bites on humans and animals. As the name implies, non-biting midges do not bite.

Signs and Symptoms of Midge Infestation Problems

- They bite
- Buzzing sounds

How we can get rid of Midges for you


Fogging is carried out as a “quick fix” solution for flying adult non-biting midges.


Misting is an environmentally friendly method in which insecticides are sprayed in a fine mist to kill midges. One of the benefits is that this method is usually odorless.

Biological approach

An environmentally friendly approach it to use Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) larvicide to kill midge larvae.

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Midges Prevention

- Use air-conditioning as they cannot handle wind very well
- Wear clothes that completely cover your skin
- Use insect repellent