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    IPM Square Rat (An Innovative Rodent Trapping System)

    Square Rat is a sensor-supported rodent trap that utilizes the Wi-Fi system to facilitate rodent management. It is an advanced snap trap that uses communication systems to alert Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) when there is a rodent caught by the trap.

    How does it work?

    This rodent trap is easy to set up as long as there is Wi-Fi. Bait formulated with more than 15 human food-grade ingredients will be introduced on the trap to attract rodents to feed on, thus triggering the trap. The triggered trap will create an immediate real-time alert to our PMPs through their mobile phone so that they can take immediate action and dispose of the caught rodent carcass. This can help to avoid unpleasant smells released by dead rodent bodies after a period of trapping time.

    Why is it reliable?

    This trapping system is simple to install and is activated by using just a single button click. It has remote control ability via internal or mobile phone. Multiple traps can be installed on site.

    What are the other advantages?

    Auto-generated statistical data and graphic GPS location of all traps will be shown on the online dashboard. A comprehensive report will also be provided at the end of the program. This report includes the number of rodents caught, trend of rodent infestation at different time intervals, explanation and the progress of the program.

    IPM Square Eye (an IOT sensor-based camera surveillance and analysing system)

    Square Eye is a digital pest control device that allows us to identify, monitor, capture and record rodent issues. It is usually utilized with IPM Square Rat to enhance rodent management.

    How does it work?

    Rodent management using IPM Square Eye mainly targets the nesting site of rodents in the heavy inspected areas. It is an integrated multi-sensor device equipped with 7 high quality sensors for operation. These sensors have the ability to detect and recognize the presence of rodents, their motion and even the reaction of IPM Square Rat. The remote snapshots are controllable by the user, which means photos can be taken at any given moment.

    Why is it reliable?

    The device can be used indoors or outdoors. Its dual storage ability also ensures data storage security even offline. Hence, when the device loses connection, the photos and videos will not be lost.

    What are the other advantages?

    Auto-generated statistical data such as activity, time, and location will be shown on the online dashboard. Clients can access the information at any time by using the dashboard and Wi-Fi connected mobile phone. A comprehensive report will be provided at the end of the program. This report includes the level of rodent infestation at different time intervals, potential entry points, breeding areas, explanation and the progress of the program.

    Why do you need this?

    In fact, the most heavily infested areas do not have proper rodent proofing systems in the building. Rodents invade the building through cracks on the wall, gaps around pipe works, non-screening windows, doors, and gully traps with no proper valve to exclude them. With the use of IPM Square Eye, we can monitor and target their nesting areas by examining the photos and videos recorded. From there on, we will be able to keep track of the rodent activities by knowing their way of intrusion.

    • 24/7 monitoring/protection against rodents
    • Real-time information transfer allows short response time
    • Hassle-free. We will be notified as soon as rodent activities are detected and clients do not have to call to inform us
    • Online dashboard allows client to track rodent activities whenever they want

    What we offer?

    • 24/7 monitoring protection against rodents
    • Access records of pest activities with just a touch of a finger

    What people need to be aware of?

    • The traps and cameras need to be connected to the internet so good wifi connection is needed
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