Integrated Pest Management

Develop, implement and monitor a comprehensive pest management plan to prevent pests of all kinds.


The purpose of using IPM in pest management system is to promote a feasible and long-lasting pest management process in the urban environment with no or limited environmental consequences. In IPM, we concentrate on inspection, maximizing the efforts on prevention, rather than cure. We also emphasize on protecting human, non-target animal life, landscapes and environment. Most importantly, we promote responsible use of pesticide, use chemicals when they are absolutely required.

How does it work?

In IPM, inspection will be the key activity. It helps to gather important information which can after that contribute to the decision-making stage. During the inspection, our experienced PMPs will help to identify pests and source of breeding. For pests that are less common and difficult to be identified by naked eyes will then be brought back and refer to our entomologists. The management options may vary according to species.

Why is it reliable?

The choice of treatment method depends on a variety of factors, such as pest species, infestation level, cost effectiveness, areas to be treated and customers’ wish. To provide a better quality of pest management treatment, basic information and guidelines are often given to our clients. Furthermore, necessary advice will also be provided to clients to prevent future pest infestation.

Durable Solution

Durable management plan that ensures long-lasting pest prevention measures are in place


Once the infestation has subsided, IPM primarily focusses on prevention rather than curing

Environmentally Friendly

Emphasis on modern prevention approaches with no or limited environmental consequences

Integrated Pest Management Process

integrated pest management inspection

Step 1

Identify Pests

Thorough inspection followed by identifying whether or not there is a presence of any kind of pest.

Step 2

Develop a Plan

A comprehensive pest management plan is developed by our experienced pest management professionals.

integrated pest management monitoring
natural integrated pest management

Step 3

Use Non-Chemical Control Methods

Where possible, environmentally friendly chemicals and pesticides are used to treat current infestations.

Step 4

Monitor the Infestation

Thorough inspection and continued monitoring of the presence and level of infestation.

integrated pest management methods
integrated pest management plan

Step 5

Implement Preventive Measures

Durable methods are implemented to prevent future infestations from occurring, such as physical proofing.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduce exposure to chemicals
  • Protect non-target organism
  • IPM is usually time-consuming (as we need to ID pest species and conduct appropriate treatment methods to the site. This is different from conventional treatment method where one chemical is used for the control of various pests)
  • Chemical treatment might not be involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a range of integrated pest management services including pest inspections, identification of pests and infestations, treatment and control measures, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. We also provide consultation and education services to help property owners and managers understand how to prevent and manage pest problems in a responsible and sustainable way.

Integrated pest management can be used to manage a wide range of pests including insects, rodents, birds, and other animals. It can also be used to manage plant pests and diseases.

Yes, integrated pest management is a safe and environmentally friendly approach to pest control that emphasizes the use of non-chemical methods and only uses chemicals as a last resort. This approach minimizes the risk of exposure to chemicals for humans and animals and helps to protect the environment by using sustainable and responsible pest management practices.

Integrated pest management can help prevent property damage by identifying and addressing potential pest entry points, by using non-chemical methods to control and manage pests, and by providing ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure that pest problems do not recur.

If you have a pest problem, it is best to contact Killem Pest as soon as possible. We can identify the type of pest, the extent of the infestation, and provide customized pest management solutions to address the problem. It is important to avoid using over-the-counter pesticides or home remedies, as they can be ineffective and potentially harmful to humans and the environment.

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