Pest Control in Condominuims (MCSTs)

Condominiums are particularly susceptible to pest infestation. This is mainly due to the fact that many of these buildings are large and there are many potential areas where pests can live and thrive. There is also the fact that condominiums are highly populated. This leads to the potential for pests to spread more easily, as people come into contact with each other more often. Human contact enables pests and also diseases to spread easily and quickly.

The most common (and dangerous) pest problem in a condominium is mosquitoes, which have the potential to cause severe illness if preventative measures are not put in place. Other likely pest issues within condominiums are rodents, ants, cockroaches and termites. These pests thrive in highly populated areas, where the environment is ideal for them to live and breed.

Aerial image of Condominium buildings
Aerial images of condominium area
Aerial photography of a condominium buildings

There are many areas within condominiums that have the potential for pests to thrive. These include common toilets and showers, storage rooms and bin chutes, which all harbour the ideal environment for particular types of pests. Condominium owners rely on people wanting to live in their residences so it’s important that a reputation for a pest free environment is maintained. People will not want to live in condominiums that have gained a reputation for poor pest control.

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