Pest Control in Landed Properties

Landed properties which include bungalows, semi-detached house and terraced houses have a high potential for pest infestation. Often, where there are people, pests are likely to be found. As with any living area, there are many potential areas where pests can live and thrive. These include gardens and outbuildings, rubbish bins and basements or cellars. In some properties, there are areas that remain undisturbed for long periods of time and pests can therefore breed and populate very quickly, without disturbance.

In outdoor areas, there may be the potential for pests to create nests in a well-protected area. It’s therefore important to deal with a pest infestation in a landed property as soon as possible.

aerial image of house properties
Kitchen area of a property
Outside area of a house

There are many potential types of pests that can be found within or on the outside of landed properties, but perhaps the most common (and dangerous) are mosquitoes. They have the potential to cause severe illness so it is important that preventative measures are put in place. Other pests include termites, ants cockroaches and, less commonly, bees and wasps or snakes and rodents can be found to cause a pest issue. Whatever your pest issue, you need to speak to a pest control expert like Killem to deal with your pest problem before it becomes a major issue.

Living with a pest infestation can be a cause of much anguish and without the proper methods of dealing with infestation in place, the problem may never go away. Speak to Killem today and start the process of ridding your property of a pest infestation.