Wildlife Management

Protecting wildlife is our responsibility. We safely trap and relocate wildlife including snakes, lizards and bats.


Even though Singapore is relatively small, there is quite a diverse variety of wildlife in the country. In many cases, wildlife doesn’t cause issues as they remain in their natural habits. But in some cases, wildlife can get too close to humans. In such cases, wildlife management may need to take place. We are certified to handle and protect certain wildlife in Singapore in line with the Wildlife Act 1965. This includes snakes and lizards. In some cases, we may collaborate with our partners to handle birds, bats and other less-prevalent wildlife issues.

No Harm Done to Wildlife

We carefully assess the situation and determine the right course of action to handle wildlife issues without doing any harm to them.

Safe Environments

The human species needs to do all it can to protect wildlife, especially endangered species. Killem Pest is here to help protect wildlife.

All Types of Wildlife

Birds, pigeons, bats, snakes, lizards and many others. We handle – sometimes in collaboration with partners – all types of wildlife.

Wildlife Management Process

snake on the tree in singapore

Step 1

Identify Type of Wildlife

We usually receive a call about a creature that has been spotted. The first thing we do is identify exactly which type of wildlife.

Step 2

Determine the Right Approach to Handling Wildlife

For some endangered species there are specific laws in place on how to handle wildlife. Depending on the type of wildlife, we carefully determine the right approach.

lizard in Singapore forest
bats flying in the sky in Singapore

Step 3

Ensure Safe Trapping or Monitoring

In many cases, wildlife will need to be trapped or monitored before relocating. Our team is equipped with special trapping devices for all types of wildlife species.

Step 4

Relocate Wildlife

Safe relocation of wildlife is our utmost priority. In many cases, we hand over wildlife to governmental agencies who will then release them.

birds wildlife in Singapore
lizard wildlife monitoring

Step 5

Continue Monitoring Wildlife Activity

For a period of time, it is sometimes useful to continue monitoring the area for unusual wildlife activity.

  • Save endangered species
  • Experience handling all types of wildlife
  • Safe relocation of wildlife
  • Keep human beings safe
  • Reduce the risk of transmitting contagious viruses from animals to humans

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer wildlife management services, including trapping and then handing wildlife over to governmental agencies for release.

To choose a wildlife management services company, it is important to look for a company that is licensed and experienced in dealing with the specific type of wildlife issue you are facing. Also consider what additional services are offered, company reputation and customer reviews, and their approach to humane and environmentally friendly wildlife management practices.

The cost of wildlife management services can vary depending on the type and severity of the wildlife problem, the size and location of the property, and the services required to address the issue. Contact us for a quote tailored to your specific situation.

At Killem Pest we use a variety of humane methods to remove wildlife from properties, including live trapping and relocation, exclusion techniques, and habitat modification. They also use safe and effective deterrents to discourage wildlife from returning to the area.

Killem Pest can help prevent property damage by identifying and addressing potential wildlife entry points and by using deterrents to keep wildlife away from vulnerable areas. This can help prevent damage to structures, landscaping, and other property features.

If you encounter wildlife on your property, it is important to keep a safe distance and avoid approaching or antagonizing the animal. Contact Killem Pest for advice on how to safely and responsibly manage the situation.

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