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    Car Treatments

    Cockroaches can thrive in a vehicle even though the interior temperature of a vehicle during a hot day can be unbearably high for humans. The most conventional treatment method for cockroach involves residual spraying. This method is not suitable for used in a vehicle as spraying liquid insecticides may stain or damage the interior of a vehicle. Our dry treatment for vehicles eliminates the risk of staining and damaging the interior while serving as an effective treatment method for cockroach control.

    What we offer

    Mirakn, a dry treatment invented by Japan which has been used in the country for over 30 years has been made available to Singapore, making us the second country in the world to utilise the technology. 

    How does it work?

    Carbon dioxide, or COis used as the carrier for the active ingredients in Mirakn. Unlike the carriers used in aerosol insecticides such as oil and water, COis a gas that can be dispersed in air more efficiently, reaching tiny spaces and crevices where liquid droplets cannot penetrate. The active ingredients affect the nervous system of insects, causing excellent knockdown effect. Mirakn is effective in treating the population of cockroaches existing in a vehicle. When used in conjunction with gelling method, it can control the cockroach population in a vehicle effectively. 

    Why is it reliable?

    CO2 gas can disperse to tiny spaces where cockroaches usually hide. The active ingredient is fast acting, delivering fast knockdown effect. 

    • Non-flammable 
    • No residue
    • No smell
    • Excellent penetration
    • Environmentally friendly

    What we offer:

    • Effective service
    • Safe way to remove cockroaches from your car

    Anything else that people need to be aware of

    • Treated area needs to be enclosed for at least 1 hour
    • No residual effect, cannot kill eggs and brought-in pests after the treatment