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Our Mirakn dry treatment for vehicles effectively eliminates cockroaches without staining and damaging the interior.


Cockroaches can thrive in a vehicle even though the interior temperature of a vehicle during a hot day can be unbearably high for humans. The most conventional treatment method for cockroach involves residual spraying. This method is not suitable for used in a vehicle as spraying liquid insecticides may stain or damage the interior of a vehicle. Our dry treatment for vehicles eliminates the risk of staining and damaging the interior while serving as an effective treatment method for cockroach control.

What we offer

Mirakn, a dry treatment invented by Japan which has been used in the country for over 30 years has been made available to Singapore, making us the second country in the world to utilise the technology.

How does it work?

Carbon dioxide, or CO2 is used as the carrier for the active ingredients in Mirakn. Unlike the carriers used in aerosol insecticides such as oil and water, CO2 is a gas that can be dispersed in air more efficiently, reaching tiny spaces and crevices where liquid droplets cannot penetrate. The active ingredients affect the nervous system of insects, causing excellent knockdown effect. Mirakn is effective in treating the population of cockroaches existing in a vehicle. When used in conjunction with gelling method, it can control the cockroach population in a vehicle effectively.

Why is it reliable?

CO2 gas can disperse to tiny spaces where cockroaches usually hide. The active ingredient is fast acting, delivering fast knockdown effect.

Effective Cockroach Treatment

Cockroaches no longer thrive in overheated cars after getting exposed to the effective Mirakn treatment

No Residue and No Smell

This treatment does not leave behind stains, smells or any kind of damage, making it the perfect approach to pest control in cars

Limited Access

Singapore is one of the few countries in which Mirakn car treatments for pest control is utilised

Car Treatment Process

personal protective equipment for car pest control

Step 1

Identify Presence of Pests in Car

Our trained pest technicians thoroughly inspect your car for the presence of cockroaches and other pests.

Step 2

Prepare for the Treatment

Mirakn preparation involves Personal Protective Equipment for our technicians and getting the equipment ready for the dry treatment.

car pest control for cockroaches
car fumigation singapore

Step 3

Apply Pest Control Methods

Mirakn dry treatment takes places, effectively exterminating cockroaches and other pests from your car.

Step 4

Monitor the Progress

Throughout the treatment, we monitor the progress and determine if any areas require additional attention.

get rid of pests in your car
mirakn treatment

Step 5

Assess Effectiveness of Treatment

Once the treatment is done, our team assesses the effectiveness and makes up a conclusive report.

  • Non-flammable
  • No residue
  • No smell
  • Excellent penetration
  • Environmentally friendly

What we offer:

  • Effective service
  • Safe way to remove cockroaches from your car

Anything else that people need to be aware of

  • Treated area needs to be enclosed for at least 1 hour
  • No residual effect, cannot kill eggs and brought-in pests after the treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Car treatment can help with a wide range of pests that commonly infest vehicles, including ants, roaches, spiders, bed bugs, and rodents.

Yes, car pest treatment is generally safe for your vehicle when performed by a licensed and trained professional. The products used are specifically designed for use in vehicles and are formulated to be effective against pests while minimizing any potential harm to your car’s interior.

The duration of a car pest control treatment depends on the severity of the infestation and the size of the vehicle, but typically takes between 1-2 hours to complete.

Yes, car pest control services can be performed on all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, RVs, and boats.

The frequency of car pest control treatments depends on several factors, including the level of pest activity and the environment in which the vehicle is parked. It is recommended to schedule treatments every 3-6 months as a preventative measure.

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