About Killem

Since 1993, we have provided integrated pest management services to thousands of customers in the commercial, residential, and government sectors. In addition to general pest management services and soil treatment, we have also pioneered treatment methods such as bin chute flushouts and bee relocation services to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


We can fulfil contractual obligations even under the largest service contracts

  • 100 Pest Management Professionals (PMPs)
  • 45 Vehicles
  • Over 500 pieces of key equipment

Quality and Reliability

  • Our clients always pass internal and external audits with flying colours
  • Our construction company clients have never been issued with a stop work order
  • More than half of PMPs have 10 or more years of experience

Innovative and Socially Conscious

  • ‘Killem Kares’ are our CSR initiatives that includes a using ‘green’ pesticides, recycling and helping those less fortunate in our community
  • Our operations are 100% on Cloud, powered by Oracle, enabling our customers a great user experience and access to all the information they need
  • We engage and educate with our audience through regular social media updates, quality blog posts and newsletters

Our History


Founded by Harry and Ewa Singh


Anti-termite soil treatment done on Changi Airport Terminal 3


First pest management company to be awarded Level 4 under BCA


SME Promising 500 Company


First foreign office opened in Yangon, Myanmar under Titan Pest Management Co. Ltd


Diversification into disinfection, cleaning and hygiene services through Titan Cleaning & Hygiene Services Co. Ltd

We are regularly referenced in the media as an authority on pest management and innovation


Trusted by 1500+ Clients in Singapore

A Proven Track Record

We let the numbers speak for themselves. As one of Singapore’s oldest and largest providers of pest management services, we have a wealth of experience in offering solutions for all types of pest problems such as classic household pests including ants, mosquitoes, mice, rodents, bed bugs, and cockroaches as well as potentially dangerous pests such as snakes, spiders, bees, hornets, and wasps. Contact us now!

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