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    Bee Relocation

    Bees are pollinators that play an important role in the ecosystems. Although their presence may seem terrifying because of the buzzing sound they make, they are actually more beneficial than harmful. Living with bees in peace may not be something that is out of the question. Bees are not actually a major threat; the real problem is their presence at the wrong place. When bees build hives around human settlement, they are regarded as pests and actions need to be taken. Removal of bee hives is the usual practice by most pest management professionals and it usually involves the killing of bees before the hives are removed. Killem’s bee relocation service aims to extract bees from one location and release/house them in a more suitable environment without causing harm to them.

    How does it work?

    The bees will be removed from the location in a gentle and steady manner. It is important to keep the bees as calm as possible as stress may cause a bee colony to collapse. A bee colony under stress may not survive in the new location.

    Why is it reliable?

    By doing this, clients’ premises will be free of bees while the bees can continue to live in a more suitable environment, making it a win-win situation.

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Killing of bees can be avoided

    What we offer?

    • Safe removal of bee hive
    • Chemical-free treatment
    • A sustainable method for the control of pests with minimal impact to the environment

    Things to take note

    • Relocation of bee hive may require a longer time compared to treatment using chemicals