Pest Control in Shopping Centres and Stores

With an extensive amount of human traffic and many food and beverage outlets, the potential business impact on shopping centres and commercial buildings is extensive. Not only can it affect bottom line and profits but, perhaps more damaging, it can affect reputation. A pest infestation is likely to be talked about on social media or other platforms and may deter people from visiting your commercial building in the future.

There are many areas within a shopping centre or commercial building that have the potential for pest infestation. These include toilets, boiler rooms, storage basements and carparks where the breeding ground for pests is potentially more conducive. There are also more and more shopping centres with sky gardens or water features, which are also areas which may increase the likelihood of pests. It’s therefore important to identify these areas of concern and make sure that they are addressed accordingly.

Inside the shopping centre
Outside of the shopping centre
Inside the shopping centre

The biggest pest problems within a shopping centre or commercial outlet are rodents and flies; other pests that may be an issue are ants and cockroaches. Usually, when shopping centres have pest problems, it is because of the number of food and beverage establishments, as such places provide food, water and humidity sources for pests to thrive in.

We have worked with a number of clients including Bugis Junction, Causeway Point, Jurong East Mall and Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC). We provide them with a complete Integrated Pest Management solution, which not only puts preventative measures in place but also ensures best practices. This gives them the reassurance that they need to ensure that their customers and their business is protected. Contact us today to see how we could protect your business.