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    Vehicle Mounted Fogging & Misting

    Killem Pest is one of the few pest control companies in Singapore that uses the vehicle mounted fogger and mister. They are big versions of the common hand-carried fogger and mister. They have higher performance because of their faster application rate. They mainly target flying insects such as mosquitoes.

    How does it work?

    Vehicle mounted fogger: Just like the hand-carried fogger, this machine runs by heating a mixed solution with gasoline from the combustion chamber. The insecticide will be pumped via a delivery valve and injected to the fog head or nozzle. From there, insecticide liquid will be vaporized into hot gas and released into the target places.  

    Vehicle mounted mister: Vehicle mounted mister sprays fine mist (containing a small amount of insecticide) into the air in order to target flying insects. The gasoline driven engine is used to pressure and force the formulation from the insecticide container to produce the high volume insecticide mists through the nozzles. 

    Why is it reliable?

    Vehicle mounted fogger: The dense fog created can last longer and is able to penetrate into unreachable or inaccessible spaces. A delivery rate of 10ℓ/min can be achieved.

    Vehicle mounted mister: The adjustable aerosol nozzles allow a better variation of misting direction and ensure wider distribution of insecticides towards the treated areas.

    Why do you need this?

    This vehicle mounted fogger and mister will be the perfect solution for large-scale pest or vector control programs.

    • Time-saving
    • Labor-saving
    • Faster application rate 
    • Better range of coverage

    What we offer:

    • Wide coverage over short period of time

    Anything else that people need to be aware of:

    • The vehicle carrying the fogger or mister must be able to access the area to be treated