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    Pest Audit

    Pest audit is an important process for shopping centres, F&B outlets and construction sites. It is not only to prepare for National Environment Agency (NEA) inspections but has also become a part of ongoing pest maintenance services provided by pest management industries. Pest audit is often carried out to make sure the inspected areas fit the requirements by NEA. The main pests that we target for auditing are usually mosquitoes, rodents, cockroaches and flies which can act as vectors for transmitting diseases.

    How does it work?

    During a pest audit, the hired pest control company has to take responsibility by inspecting and examining for any signs of pest activity or failure of building structures that can be susceptible to the invasion of pests.

    Why is it reliable?

    Not only inspection, a comprehensive report which includes findings will be submitted to our clients.Clients will be able to make necessary changes to ensure the property remains free of pests and sustains a safe living environment. It is also another step that can aid in complying the regulations of NEA.

    • Since 1993, our clients, whether shopping centres, F&B outlets or construction sites, have never failed an NEA audit. As such we are frequently contracted by clients to do audits on their existing pest control provider as an additional check.
    • A comprehensive report with supporting photos analysis will be provided to our client. Structural defects and housekeeping's issues will be discussed and recommendations will also be provided.