Pest Audit

Our comprehensive pest audits examine pest activity and identify building vulnerabilities that may invite pests.


Pest audit is an important process for shopping centres, F&B outlets and construction sites. It is not only to prepare for National Environment Agency (NEA) inspections but has also become a part of ongoing pest maintenance services provided by pest management industries. Pest audit is often carried out to make sure the inspected areas fit the requirements by NEA. The main pests that we target for auditing are usually mosquitoes, rodents, cockroaches and flies which can act as vectors for transmitting diseases.

How does it work?

During a pest audit, the hired pest control company has to take responsibility by inspecting and examining for any signs of pest activity or failure of building structures that can be susceptible to the invasion of pests.

Why is it reliable?

Not only inspection, a comprehensive report which includes findings will be submitted to our clients.Clients will be able to make necessary changes to ensure the property remains free of pests and sustains a safe living environment. It is also another step that can aid in complying the regulations of NEA.

Thorough Inspection

Are there any current pest infestations? Our team of experts inspect, identify and remove any pests that are present

Customized Report

At the center of our pest audits is a comprehensive and customized report to help prevent future pest infestations

NEA Compliant

We comply with strict regulations set out by the National Environment Agency (NEA) in our pest audits

Pest Audit Process

singapore buildings pest audit

Step 1

Identify Areas to Be Audited

Pest audits often cover large areas, therefore the starting point is to identify which areas require attention.

Step 2

Inspect Identified Areas

The main areas of focus are then inspected thoroughly by our trained professionals.

pest audit professional inspecting property
pest identification during property audit

Step 3

Identify Presence of Pests

Our team identifies the presence of pests or signs of pest infestations by using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Step 4

Assess Level of Infestation

A vital part of the process is to assess not just what type of pests are present, but how advanced the infestation is.

level of pest infestation assessment
mobile pest audit report

Step 5

Develop a Pest Management Plan

Besides pest removal, our team will develop a comprehensive pest management plan, focusing on structural building vulnerabilities through which pests may enter, which will ultimately help prevent future infestations.

  • Since 1993, our clients, whether shopping centres, F&B outlets or construction sites, have never failed an NEA audit. As such we are frequently contracted by clients to do audits on their existing pest control provider as an additional check.
  • A comprehensive report with supporting photos analysis will be provided to our client. Structural defects and housekeeping's issues will be discussed and recommendations will also be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

A pest audit is important for several reasons. It helps to identify potential pest problems before they become severe, it ensures compliance with regulatory requirements for pest control, and it helps to protect the health and safety of people and the environment by implementing sustainable and responsible pest management practices.

Any property that is at risk of pest infestations can benefit from a pest audit, including residential properties, commercial properties, food processing facilities, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

A pest audit report typically includes a summary of findings, a description of the pest management program, recommendations for improvement, and a timeline for implementation of the recommendations. It may also include a detailed map of the property showing potential pest entry points and harborage areas.

The frequency of pest audits depends on several factors including the type of property, the location, and the type of pests that are common in the area. Generally, it is recommended to conduct a pest audit at least once a year or more frequently if there is a history of pest problems or if the property is located in an area with high pest activity.

To find a good pest management company, research local companies and read reviews from past customers. Look for companies that are licensed and insured, have experience in conducting pest audits, and offer customized pest management solutions based on the unique needs of the property – like we at Killem Pest.

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