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Mosquito Control Services from Killem

Never has there been a more important time to ensure your home and business in Mosquito free with risks from the Zika virus in Southeast Asia now increasing.

Flying pests can be a pain and potentially threaten your health. Get professional assistance to exterminate and remove mosquitoes from your home or business with our mosquito control service here in Singapore to help you.

Mosquitoes are blood sucking pests that not only deliver an irritating bite but are also notorious carriers of dangerous diseases.

Our physical control techniques can quickly reduce the insect population in an area by as much as 50%.

Here’s what you can do about Mosquito problems:

Signs and Symptoms of Mosquito Infestation Problems

- Identifying mosquitoes around your home and business premises involves finding their breeding grounds and using a targeted. control method such as spraying and fogging to reduce the number of insects in the area.
- Mosquitoes often make an annoying high pitched buzzing sound.
- Bites are an obvious sign which can give you irritating to intensely inflamed bites that can swell. Only female mosquito bites humans whereas the males feed off nectar and other sweet things.
- You may often spot mosquitoes lingering in dim and shady areas.
- You can often find mosquito larvae in stagnant water and also the edge of slow moving water.

How we can get rid of Mosquitos for you

We use the following methods and control products to stop mosquito problems:


A thorough inspection for any potential breeding ground will be conducted before we carry out the larvicide treatment.

Larviciding is a treatment to control the development of mosquitoes’ larvae.

Larvicide treatment at mosquito hotspots can help to reduce infestation.

Thermal Fogging

It is essential to fog at the right time when the mosquitoes are most active to get a more effective control.

Thermal fogging kills only the adult mosquitoes present within the treated area during the treatment time.

Mosquito Prevention

- Watering cans and buckets should be properly stored. Place them under shelter so they won't be able to gather rainwater, as stagnant water can serve as a breeding ground for dengue carrying mosquitoes.
- Remove water stored in your potted plants as thoroughly cleaned pot plates ensure no mosquito eggs can dwell in them.
- If possible, Singapore residents should avoid using plant pot plates all together.
- Loosen the soil from potted plants to prevent stagnant water from accumulating on the hardened soil's surface.
- Change the water in flower vases and scrub and clean the inner side of vases.
- If you are living in an apartment with common corridors, avoid blocking the water flow in scupper drains.
- Do not place plants in pots and other items over the scupper drain.
- Do not place receptacles or trays on top or beneath any air conditioning units.
- Clear stagnant water as well as fallen leaves in the scupper drain and garden on a regular basis.
- Cover all sources of water. So if you store water in your home, make sure you cover it properly.
- Repair all kind of water leaks as mosquitoes like to breed near sources of water.
- If you have any water pans in your home or business premises to collect water from items such as air conditioning units then these must be cleaned regularly.