Pest Control in the Food & Beverage Industry

Pest control for the food and beverage industry is an absolutely fundamental business requirement. This is not just from a health and safety aspect but is also a legal requirement. An operating license could be revoked should a business demonstrate poor pest control methods.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) operates a licensing scheme for all food and beverage outlets in order to permit them to trade. A pest control program for the food industry is a key element in order to obtain the license. Specifically, businesses must prove that they have a pest control system to control rodents, cockroaches and flies. Monthly checks are taken to ensure that the pest control measures in food and beverage outlets are sufficiently stringent and that no infestation, or sign of infestation, is found.

Restaurant outside area
Inside the busy coffee shop
Inside the empty restaurant

Pest control for food and beverage outlets in Singapore covers anywhere that food is prepared and handled including restaurants, cafes, hawker centres, food courts and food kiosks.

Engaging with an expert in pest control for the food industry such as Killem, will ensure that you are not only complying towards NEA rules but we will also advise you on restaurant pest control techniques. This includes maintaining good housekeeping, for example, storing food appropriately and safely.

As a preventative measure, the treatment methods we use include using gelling spraying or light traps to ensure pest control at your restaurant or food manufacturing outlet is working at its optimum. We have worked with a number of leading food and beverage businesses including Pizza Hut and Hock Hua, providing them with the ultimate service in food industry pest control. Contact Killem today to help you comply!