Technology and Pest Control: How Is Tech Transforming Pest Control?

technology and pest control

In the past, extermination and pest control was a relatively simple affair. Those in the business tended to use traps and various sprays to take care of pest problems. While those methods could be effective, technology over the past few years has helped to improve the quality of pest control markedly.

Today, there are some truly amazing tools being used by pest control specialists in Singapore.

They can make the job of providing you with a pest free environment safer, faster, easier, and cleaner than ever before.

Before we look at some of the different technological tools in use by Killem Pest today, it is prudent to note that the focus is now on integrated pest management (IPM). IPM is a broad-based approach that focuses on prevention (via regular monitoring) and appropriate control (via the appropriate chemicals and equipment).

Electronic Rodent Bait Stations

Electronic Bait Station

People have finally started building a better mouse trap. These traps work for all rodents (rats and mice). The older traps that had been in use were often ineffective, could cause painful deaths if the animal did not die right away, and they tended to be one-time use traps.

However, the electronic rodent bait stations are more effective. They have an external housing with an area for the rodent to enter when it gets a whiff of the bait placed inside. When they step across sensors in the trap, it will electrocute them. It is a quick and humane death.

These traps can be used repeatedly, as well, which leads to less waste. The bait stations are also programmed to an app to notify the pest control operator that a rodent has been caught and needs to be disposed of. Thus saves time as the pest control operator is straight away directed to the source, and does not have to inspect all other spots.

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Drone for Pest Control


Drones are for more than just taking great aerial shots and racing. Many in the pest control business are now using drones that can fly up and check rooftops and high rafters in buildings. They can get a better idea of the types of pests that could be living in those locations, and they can then formulate a plan to eliminate them.

Sonic Wands

Larvasonic Pest Control Wand

Mosquitoes are a bane, and they carry many different types of diseases, including dengue and the zika virus. The sonic wands that are available today can make controlling the populations much easier. Mosquitoes breed in standing water. This could be a swamp, puddles, and even storage containers for water. The sonic wands utilize sound to kill the larvae in the water. It is a safe technology, and you will not have to worry about chemical treatments that are typically used.

Innovative Pest Control in Singapore

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Thermal Imagery

Termite Detection System

This is another very impressive tool. Thermal imaging cameras can work well for a range of pests. It is possible to see heat signatures of the creatures, and even insect trails on the walls.

This will give the pest control specialist a better understanding of the pests they are dealing with, and even the location of the pests.

This can be very helpful in many different types of environments.

The technology used in pest control today is truly impressive, and it has made pest control easier and more effective. For more information on the technology we use, visit our pest control services page.

Other types of pest control technologies

There is a whole range of old and new pest control technologies that are used by pest control companies around the world. These include:

  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Trail Cameras
  • AI-Driven Sensing Technology
  • Traps, Deterrents, Repellents
  • Predator Deterrent Lights
  • Motion Activated Sprinkler
  • Ultrasonic Pest Control
  • Mosquito Ultrasonic Pest Control
  • Solar Powered Ultrasonic Mole Repellents
  • Thermal and Cold Foggers
  • Nontoxic Heat Treatment
  • Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)
  • CRISPR-based Gene Drive Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Technology helped to improve the quality of pest control in recent decades, decreasing the impacts of pest control methods on the environment and on non-target creatures.

Some of the common technologies used for pest control include electronic monitoring, thermal imaging technology, AI-driven sensing technology, ultrasonic pest control, various modernized traps, deterrents, repellents, and others.