The Strangest Pest Control Stories Ever Heard

strangest pest control stories

Believe it or not, the pest control industry can throw up some very bizarre stories and anecdotes.

With thousands of different species considered ‘pests’, there have been times in history when some more unconventional pests have caused problems for the local agriculture and ecosystems.

We profile some of the more unusual forms of pest control below.

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Killer Snails in Miami

Killer snails

In 2011 the city of Miami, Florida in the United States was plagued by an outbreak of an invasive species: the giant African land snail.

Primarily outdoor pests, these snails are destructive and potential biohazards.

They were able to eat every plant grown in Florida as well as the inhabitants’ walls. They also carried meningitis, the number of cases of which rose significantly.

As of today, the threat has mostly been eradicated with 157,000 snails captured. Because of their numbers, the only way to capture them was for workers wearing rubber gloves to scour the environment and capture the snails in buckets. Today, these same people use plastic bags.

Another control method used was a public information campaign which begged citizens to call a number and report any sightings.

Vineyard Guard Ducks

Ducks for Pest Control

Crops are a golden target for many garden pests, including those in South Africa. Many varieties of pests eat valuable fields of food. The most common are armyworms, caterpillars, aphids, and species of beetle.

With manpower being so expensive, how do farmers maintain their livelihood? In South Africa, some vineyards and large agricultural sectors have turned to ducks.

Thousands of Indian Runner ducks are trained and cared for in large coops.

At the start of each day, workers release them and direct them to designated fields. As time passes, the ducks disperse through the rows, guzzling up any bug that might be unfortunate enough to have tried to find a meal in the crops. Towards late afternoon, workers find the ducks and round them up. When the group is complete, the ducks are herded back into their shelter, where they sleep until morning and can roam the fields again.

Pigeon Hunting Falcons

Pest Control Falcon

Pigeons come in two varieties: feral and domestic. In countries around the world, pigeons are a major problem in cities because of their tendencies to roost in high places, steal food, and leave messes behind.

In order to combat the large pigeon population in the United Arab Emirates, people have begun using trained falcons.

Falcon training has a long history in Arab culture. Due to their excellent vision, they were often used by hunters to spot and kill small prey like mice and other rodents.

Nowadays, as the height and size of cities make it difficult to use traditional pigeon eradication measures, more and more businesses are drawn to falcons. Another reason for its popularity is because falcons hold a high position of status in Arab culture. Being able to afford falcons as laborers demonstrates a business’s wealth and success.

The Great Emu War

Emu Pests

Not all pests are small. Australia took a long time to become populated by farmers during the early twentieth century because of a large and deadly pest: Emus. Emus are the largest living bird species in the world, growing to be between 5 and 6 feet tall. They can also run 30 mph, making them difficult to catch or escape from.

From 1929-1939, farmers in Australia were suffering from the Great Depression and having difficulty selling their wheat crops.

Around this time was when 20,000 emus decided to establish their habitat in the farms, destroying crops and driving many farmers bankrupt.

Desperate, they contacted their government and military assistance came. One commander and two soldiers armed with machine guns tried to kill the emus, but the flocks scattered because of rain and the mission was unsuccessful.

A few months later, a second attempt with slightly more manpower occurred, with an estimated death toll of 986 birds. The overall pest control of the birds was unsuccessful. Many farmers were forced to fend for themselves or wait for wandering patrols to find their way to the farms.

New York Night of Horror

New York Night of Horror - cockroaches story

One day in 1979, NY police was called to what appeared to be a simple noise complain about a loud barking dog. When the officers arrived at the scene they could already notice that there were lots of cockroaches in the street. But when they entered the noisy house, they were reported to be ‘ankle deep’ in cockroaches. The roaches were everywhere.

In the end, a local exterminator came to treat the cockroaches. Fumigation treatment in the area was done to prevent further spread. Not surprisingly, the house of the roach infestation had to be demolished due to severe damage.

Killem Encounters: Strange Pest Control Stories

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funny pest control stories

Pest control can lead to some amusing and unexpected situations, reminding us that even the tiniest creatures can become a source of funny pest control stories. Here one of the funny pest control stories from the internet that we found worth sharing:

Ants on the Run

One homeowner was trying to deal with an ant infestation for weeks, trying various DIY methods. When the professional pest control service arrived, they were able to trace the ants back to their source – an unattended candy stash in a child’s bedroom.

The ants had built an elaborate system to transport their loot. It was as if the ants and the kids had formed an unintentional partnership, resulting in a “sugar rush” that even the most resourceful pests couldn’t resist. The lesson here: Sometimes keeping your house clean and candies hidden can be the best pest control solution!

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