Killem Pest Partners with Habitat for Humanity Singapore

Killem Pest Partners with Habitat for Humanity Singapore

Killem Pest has joined Habitat for Humanity Singapore in a meaningful journey to create healthier and safer living environments for elderly and vulnerable families residing in rental flats in Singapore. By collaborating on Project HomeWorks, Killem Pest aims to provide not only effective pest control services but also support the local communities.

The goal of Project HomeWorks is to help families that have difficulty in upkeeping the cleanliness and safety of their homes. We come to help when they have cluttered homes, when the house is infested with pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches and the house requires intensive cleaning. – Andrew Setiawan

As part of our 30th Anniversary celebration, Killem Pest decided to collaborate with Habitat for Humanity Singapore to serve around 30 homeowners in Singapore through fumigation services.

We want to help people who are in need, people who can’t afford to pay for pest treatments like fumigation. Bringing fumigation through Killem Pest helps homeowners and ensures safety of our volunteers. – Andrew Setiawan

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This initiative reflects a commitment to fostering a cleaner, more comfortable, and pest-free environment for those who need it most, reinforcing the company’s dedication to both social responsibility and pest management excellence. Together, we are building not only pest-free homes but also brighter futures for the vulnerable families.