How to Get Rid of Lizards In Your Home and Yard

How to Get Rid of Lizards In Your Home and Yard

Lizards are generally harmless reptiles, but they can become a problem if they find their way into your home or yard. Luckily, there are some effective ways to get rid of them indoors and outdoors, and some eco-friendly home remedies to help you prevent lizards from your property.

What Draws Lizards to Your Home?

Before diving into solutions, it is critical to understand what attracts lizards to your property. The factors that attract lizards the most are food, water and shelter. Here are some key reasons why lizards can be drawn to your house:

  1. Lizards like to hide in warm spots or near electronic appliances.
  2. Lizards feed on insects, so if you have bugs or other small animals around your living space, lizards might be attracted to the food source.
  3. Lizards are attracted to moisture spots, including bathrooms and kitchens, leaky faucets or pet bowls

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how to get rid of lizards without killing them

How to Get Rid of Lizards at Home

The best way to get rid of lizards in your home is to make it less attractive to them. This means that you need to remove any food or water sources, and seal any entry points like cracks and gaps. Here are some ways to get rid of lizards at home:

Seal Entry Points: Inspect your house and seal any holes, gaps and cracks that lizards can use to enter your home.

Reduce Room Temperature: Use fans or air conditioners to maintain a cooler environment and make your house less attractive for lizards.

Dispose Unused Food & Reduce Insect Populations: Keep your home clean and make sure it’s pest-free. Regularly clean up food crumbs and spills, dispose unused food, and seal food containers. Also don’t forget to repair leaky pipes, and use insect screens.

Vent Kitchen Cabinets: Properly ventilate dark warm places like cabinets to reduce humidity and prevent lizards.

Use Natural Lizard Repellents: Placing natural remedies like garlic, onion, and coffee grounds near entry points can keep lizards away from your house.

Limit Light at Night: Lizards are often attracted to light, so try to reduce outdoor lighting during the night.

How to Get Rid of Lizards Through Home Remedies

If you prefer natural methods to deal with lizards, there are a number of home remedies that you can use, including:

  1. Vinegar spray: mix vinegar and water in equal parts and spray it around your home. The vinegar smell will deter lizards from entering your home.
  2. Mothballs: place naphthalene balls in areas where you have seen lizards and their smell will also deter lizards.
  3. Eggshells: Crushed eggshells placed near lizard entry points can be effective in keeping them away.
  4. Pepper: Mix water and cayenne pepper or chili powder and spray this solution in areas where lizards frequent or near entry points.
  5. Onions and Garlic: Place slices of these aromatic vegetables in areas where you’ve seen lizards and their odour will repel lizards.

It’s important to note that while these natural methods can help repel lizards, they may not always be 100% effective. You may need to combine multiple methods and wait before you see the results. If you want a faster solution, you might want to consider consulting with a pest control professional for a safe and humane lizard removal.

how to get rid of lizards indoors and outdoors

How to Get Rid of Lizards in Your Yard

Lizards in your yard can be just as annoying as those indoors. Here’s how you can get rid of lizards in your yard:

  1. Remove food or water sources that you have in your yard, like pet bowls or bird feeders.
  2. Remove any hiding spots – trim any overgrown vegetation, cover the compost pile, clear away piles of rocks, wood, or debris where lizards may hide.

Pro Tip: For fast, effective and safe removal of lizards, consider contacting a professional pest control company.

How to Get Rid of Lizards Without Killing Them

It might happen that DIY prevention methods won’t work for you. So how do you get rid of lizards without killing them? If you are having trouble getting rid of lizards on your own, you may want to contact a professional pest control company. They will use sustainable methods to safely trap the lizards and hand them over to NParks, who will then release the lizards in a safe location such as a park or forest.

Lizards are common in Singapore, but with the right approach, you can keep them from invading your home and yard. Remember to choose methods that are safe and harmless, and respect the lizards’ role in our ecosystem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lizards are generally harmless and can even help control insect populations. But if you’re uncomfortable with their presence in your living space, there are ways to manage them.

Lizards are not dangerous, but there can be risks involved in removing them, such as scaring them and causing them to hide in hard-to-reach areas. Always handle lizards gently to avoid stress or injury to the animals.

It may take from a few days to several weeks to see a significant reduction in lizard activity.

Yes, combining several methods is often the most effective approach to maximize your chances of keeping lizards away.