Bee Relocation at The Singapore Association For The Deaf

bee relocation at the singapore association for the deaf

Killem Pest and The Sundowners Bee Rescue were called into action to handle a bee problem at The Singapore Association For The Deaf.

Two bee nests were found in the roof of the building. Upon inspection, these appeared to be Asian Honeybees (Apis Cerana). Each nest had approximately 20,000 bees! These were advanced nests with mature bee colonies. Thankfully, in collaboration with The Sundowner Bee Rescue, we have safely relocated the bees and given them a new home.

bee relocation job in singapore

As part of our 30th anniversary this year, as well as our commitment to supporting charities in Singapore, the costs of the bee relocation have been fully donated by Killem Pest.

We would like to thank our partner – The Sundowner Bee Rescue – for yet another safe bee relocation.

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