Bin Chute Flush Out

In Killem, two types of bin chute flush out treatments were carried out:

1. Mirakn

  • Mirakn is a gas cylinder filled with the mix of carbon dioxide and active ingredient.
  • It is a dry spray treatment that gas will be released from the bottom to the top of a bin chute.
  • The gas is able to penetrate cracks and gaps at the interior wall of the bin chute. Hence, hiding cockroaches can be treated as well.
  • Mirakn only kills the existing pests in the bin chute, it has no residual effect.

What we offer:

  • Mirakn has been manufactured and used in Japan for more than 30 years. Singapore is the second country to use Mirakn.
  • The treatment is usually done within 1 minute for a bin chute (depending on the number of levels).

Things to take note:

  • Treated area needs to be enclosed for at least 1 hour
  • The door of the treated bin chute must not be opened during the enclosed period. Residents must be notified that bin chute hoppers must not be opened during the period.
  • No residual effect, cannot kill eggs and brought-in pests after the treatment.

2. Residual chemical

  • The whole bin chute will be treated from top to bottom.
  • This will make sure that all levels are treated, leaving pests with no place to run.
  • The chemical used has fast knockdown and strong residual effect.

What we offer:

  • The first company in Singapore to offer the service

Things to take note:

  • The bin chutes should not be washed or flushed with water immediately after the treatment. They can be washed or flushed on the next day.
  • Access to the top of the bin chutes is needed
  • There must be an opening at the top of the bin chutes
  • Water supply is needed at the rooftop