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    Rodent Flush Out

    At times rodent activities can spike due to environmental factors such as weather, temperature as well as human factors such as poor housekeeping and negligence. Rainy weather and low temperature may cause rodents to leave their nests and seek shelter indoors. The presence of food sources due to poor housekeeping further encourages rodents to shift their activities indoors. When this happens, regular rodent treatments might not be sufficient to control the population of rodents in the premises. Rodent flush out program is a comprehensive program designed to manage and reduce rodent activities within the shortest amount of time possible. Weekly services that consist of inspection, monitoring and treatment will be carried out during the program.

    How does it work?

    Rodent flush out program will take place at night. Initial inspection will be carried out in the premises to look out for signs of rodent activities. Non-toxic baits will be placed for initial monitoring before any traps or rodenticides are placed. Traps and rodenticides will only be deployed at locations where rodent activities are detected. In some situations, the snap traps are inactivated. This is because rodents constantly explore and learn. They memorize the locations of pathways, food, water, shelter, obstacles and features of their environment. They can quickly detect and tend to avoid new objects and novel food. Therefore, they often avoid traps and baits for several days or more following their initial placement. After a few days or weeks, the activated snap traps or glue boards with baits will be introduced.

    • Intensive program allows traps to be redeployed if the initial deployment is not suitable
    • Better at targeting the rodent activities compared to daytime routine service

    What we offer:

    • It is an intensive program for rodent management
    • The program can be carried out continuously throughout the year or only for a month

    Things to take note:

    • Rodent Flush Out will only be carried out during nighttime as pest activities are the highest
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