We are Eco-Friendly Pest Control experts in Singapore

Working in Harmony with the Environment’ has been our motto since Killem Pest was founded in 1993. Killem Pest’s long-standing pest control services have resulted in extensive contacts with pest management manufacturers and distributors for current equipment and up to date chemicals.

Low Carbon Footprint

Given the size of Killem Pest, it is inevitable that we have a carbon footprint. Nevertheless, we try to keep our carbon dioxide emissions, whether from our office energy consumption or transportation of our fleet of vehicles, to a minimum to reduce our carbon footprint.

Environmentally Friendly

All our chemicals are environmentally friendly and will therefore not pollute air, water or land. We also ensure that any residue chemicals are disposed off appropriately so that they do not contaminate any waterways or drains.

Full Singapore Accreditation

Killem Pest prides itself on recycling. Rubbish in our office is segregated (into glass, plastic, paper and general waste) and is disposed of appropriately. As far as possible, we try to be paperless and limit our use of non-biodegradable products such as plastic bags.

Green Pest Control Services from Killem

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