• We have engaged Killem Pest for the last 1 year and their pest control services have been exemplary. Due to major road works we ended up with a rodent situation. We called Killem Pest for a solution and our rodent situation is now completely under control.

    Harsha Raja, Raj Group of Restaurants

  • Killem Pest has been our pest control provider for the last 6 years and we have found the team to be efficient and effective in their services. We have full trust in their capable team as we have always received top pest control services.

    George Wee, Bayshore Park Condominium

  • Killem Pest has always ensured timely and prompt delivery of their pest control services. With committed service they have carried their duties diligently to ensure the prevention of pests

    Terence Tan, SBS Transit Ltd

  • I have used Killem Pest over the last few years to get rid of ants in my kitchen area. I have a contract where they come every two months and the problem is now under control.I have always found the staff to be very efficient and helpful.

    Gavin Brown, Lakepoint Condo

Pest Control in Office Buildings & Units

Office buildings and individual units are conducive to potential pest problems due to the high volumes of people interacting within them. The main pest problems faced in individual units or an office building are ants and cockroaches (particularly if there is an office pantry). In a working environment, this can be problematic for both productivity and staff turnover. Businesses have a duty of care towards their employees and so it is important that any pest issues are managed effectively. Key areas to protect include basements and car parks, storage rooms and bin chutes and rubbish and recycling centres, as these are the areas with the greatest risk of pest infestation.

If there is greenery or sky gardens within the office environment, then the potential for mosquitoes is great. Mosquitoes can spread very serious illnesses and so managing this threat is vital to protect both the business and its’ employees. Failure to do so, could lead to serious reputational damage for the business and its owners, especially if the infestation were to become severe enough to be newsworthy.

Have a pest problem that is ‘bugging’ you? Worried about reputational damage?

Call us and we can answer any questions you have, provide useful advice and arrange the appropriate treatment!

In general, the problems within office buildings and individual units should be minimal. This is mainly due to the fact that there are often very few food and beverage outlets. As long as good housekeeping and processes are applied, then managing a potential pest problem should be straightforward. This is why an office or individual unit should consider using Killem to identify potential issues and put procedures in place. We will implement an Integrated Pest Management solution, which will not only put in place preventative measures but also ensure best practice and clear guidelines on good housekeeping to minimise issues.

Killem has many major office and individual unit owner clients which include: Bugis Junction Office Tower, JEM Office Tower and Mapletree. We are trusted by expansive office units to put the necessary preventative measures in place to minimise risk from infestation. We also work closely with them to ensure that the systems we put in place are carried out and best practice is maintained. Please contact Killem today to help protect your office or individual unit environment.

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