Cockroach Flush Out

The existence of one cockroach in an urban city like Singapore is terrifying to people. What if a whole family of them crawled in front of you? Cockroach flush out program is usually carried out when the infestation is too overwhelming to be controlled only by normal routine service. The program carried out is not aimed to monitor but eliminate the families of cockroaches in an area.

How does it work?

Residual spraying chemical treatment will be used in this case. The chemical used will create a flush out effect which agitates the cockroaches and forces them out from their hiding places. The cockroaches that contact with the chemical will soon become hyperactive and die afterwards.

Why is it reliable?

The residual chemical will remain on the treated surface for a certain period. The residual effect also targets cockroaches that are just newly hatched from the ootheca (egg mass). Cockroaches that crawl through and contact with the chemical residues will be affected and killed.

  • Immediate result
  • Strong residual effect
  • Friendly to human (will not harm human)

What we offer?

  • Solve the issue in as little as one service

Things to take note

  • Chemical residual effects can be washed away by cleaning agents
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